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  • commented on Merge more frequently 2014-05-03 17:35:12 -0700
    While the “shipping often” may not apply to mobile apps especially if updates are not automatic, or require user action/reaction in any way (getting out of that is a whole other story, and sometimes you can’t). However, merge more often still applies! I’d say “ship often” is more of a side result of merge more often here; and that makes sense for web applications that don’t require extensive code deployment (as opposed to installed apps).

    As for the rest, I completely agree. Add to that:
    1) Merging often makes automatic merging a whole lot more likely to succeed (no merge conflicts).
    2) Code review is simpler. If the merge affects fewer functions, you are more likely to identify possible issues.
    3) Catch design flaws earlier: assuming you do code reviews on merges / pull requests, you may save days of development by identifying merge issues or design flaws quickly
    4) Breaking up tasks in ways that keep your “Ship Number” low, you may find that co-workers have an easier time helping out on parts of the tasks.

    Nice post!